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  • Che Marville

Mindfulness for Business Leaders: An Interview with Che Marville


Che Marville is the CEO of Ellivram Media, the founder of Limitless Academy for Human Potential and Coaching, and the host of the Let’s Talk Podcast. Che has held many senior executive roles, such as the Senior Vice President for Origin Active Living, the Co-Vice President of the Ontario New Democratic Party, and the Senior Advisor for Wellness at the University Health Network.  With over three decades of training and coaching experience, Che has been a keynote speaker and trainer for countless executives and health professionals in the private and public sector on topics including human service, employee engagement, diversity, equity, [...]

Mindfulness for Business Leaders: An Interview with Che Marville2021-07-05T08:41:23-05:00
  • Adam Witty

Building a Strong Workplace Culture: An Interview with Adam Witty


Adam Witty is a world-renowned entrepreneur, publisher, author, and speaker.  Adam is the founder and CEO of the Advantage Family, an international media and software company with over 3700 Members in 50 US states and 25 countries. The Advantage family includes Advantage Media Group, one of the largest independent business book publishers in the world consisting of Advantage and ForbesBooks; Magnetic Marketing, a marketing education company for entrepreneurs; BusinessAdvantage TV, a video-on-demand learning platform for entrepreneurs; and mLive, a multi-step marketing automation software for dentists. Adam has been featured in Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and on ABC and [...]

Building a Strong Workplace Culture: An Interview with Adam Witty2021-07-20T11:58:40-05:00

Branding From Within: An Interview with Adrian Davis


Adrian Davis is the President and CEO of Whetstone Inc., a faculty member of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), and a Principal Partner of The Summit Group. Adrian has over 30 years of sales and sales leadership experience and has spent over 20 years advising senior management teams and sales groups on subjects ranging from corporate strategy and relationship management to competitive advantage and sales excellence.  Adrian has a global reputation for delivering insightful and engaging keynotes and workshops, and has recently developed an advanced sales training program: The Hero’s Journey for Sales.  As a business leader, professional speaker and [...]

Branding From Within: An Interview with Adrian Davis2021-06-28T09:23:57-05:00
  • How-to-enact-work-life-blend-in-your-life

3 Ways to Enact Work-Life Blend in Your Life


We’ve all heard the saying ‘work-life balance,’ but have you ever considered that it might be looking at our personal and professional lives the wrong way?  Work and life are intertwined. And it’s about time we start looking at it that way.  If we’re truly unable to separate our work and home selves, how do we make sure what remains is a whole, calm, focused, successful, and happy person? If you “tumble out of bed and into the kitchen,” what happens if that kitchen is now your office too? Here are some things to consider that might help you get closer [...]

3 Ways to Enact Work-Life Blend in Your Life2021-05-27T10:51:59-05:00
  • Business-growth-brand-culture-loyalty

Drive Business Growth with Brand, Culture and Loyalty


Ask most leaders and they’ll say they’ve got a great organizational culture. But dig a little deeper and the reality is, simply because people in a company say good morning to each other and aren’t berating each other, doesn’t mean you’ve got a true corporate culture of collaboration, compassion and, most importantly for your business, productivity. So, your culture – or your internal brand –  might not be as strong as you think.  BRAND Many leaders forget to include internal branding on their marketing radar. Yet, working on your internal brand is one of the most important first steps to take [...]

Drive Business Growth with Brand, Culture and Loyalty2021-05-27T10:56:29-05:00
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