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Grit is Forged in Hard Times


Grit may not be a word you hear very often but it’s something that business leaders should strive to have ascribed to themselves. While the verbiage may differ in different definitions the main mark of someone with grit is their courage, strength of character, and perseverance. All attributes that influential leaders aim to possess. So how does one come to have grit? How is it acquired? Real grit can only be developed through practice, experience, and failure. It’s not something you just wake up with one day, unfortunately. The only way to develop it, is to earn it. Not every business [...]

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Platform Businesses are Taking Over, Here’s Why…


You could not help but feel deeply inspired when listening to Lital Marom speak at the WPO conference. She is an innovative thought leader who has an incredibly bold vision for human potential and believes that businesses were meant to thrive, not merely survive. She is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who has made a name for herself by teaching companies all about the platform business model and how it can be applied to any industry. What is the Platform Business Model? For those not familiar with this business model, let’s break down how a platform business operates. A traditional business [...]

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The Type of People Your Organization Needs to Succeed


I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Adam Grant to speak at a recent WPO conference. His take on productivity and motivation are refreshing and eye-opening and a change of pace from what we typically hear on the subject. Adam was tenured at the prestigious Wharton School while still in his twenties and is a phenomenal teacher. He is an organizational psychologist and a leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning which he has shared in his best-selling books and TED talks. One of the key concepts Adam discusses is the notion that there are three types [...]

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  • Networking in Times of COVID: Why Small Events are the Next Big Thing

Networking in Times of COVID: Why Small Events are the Next Big Thing


Are you missing networking events? Getting dressed up and being in a room with other thought leaders and business owners can do amazing things for your own company and sanity! Not only can you learn from those who have been where you are (and where you may currently be stuck), but it’s invigorating to be around other people’s energy and I find myself leaving these events completely inspired and ready to take things to the next level. We may not be ready for full-blown events where we’re literally rubbing shoulders with those in attendance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still [...]

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Get the Most out of Virtual Conferences During COVID-19 – From Someone Who Doesn’t Like Virtual Conferences!


I love in-person conferences. The new techniques and tips I learn are always fantastic and I most definitely walk away with things that can help grow my business even further but truthfully, I love getting to mix and mingle and network with fellow attendees. Being in a room with so many like-minded, driven people, it’s only natural to want to connect, share, and engage. Meeting people you can collaborate and bounce ideas off of is truly invaluable and something I really look forward to when I attend live events. Virtual conferences during COVID-19 are a reality. It has changed the way [...]

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  • Setting Goals Alone

Setting and Achieving Goals When You Feel Alone


When you’re feeling isolated and alone the thought of setting, let alone achieving goals, can seem like a daunting task. It can be difficult to self-motivate and if you’re the type of person that thrives on social interaction. Even very important goals can feel trivial without the support and encouragement of others or employee engagement. If you feel like your productivity levels are plunging, try some of these tips to get back to crushing your goals. Brain Dump If you’ve had a bunch of thoughts swirling around in your head and the overwhelm is keeping you from making any progress. This [...]

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Fallen Off the Goals Wagon? Here’s How to Get Back On…


Did you have a list of lofty goals that you were going to crush this year? Now, here we are months later and maybe you haven’t crossed off as many things as you were hoping for. Maybe some of your initial goals are no longer viable or realistic given changes that have occurred. Does that mean you just move on, unfocused, and without a plan? Absolutely not. Rather than focusing on what didn’t work out, follow these steps to get refocused and turn things around. Review and Reassess The first thing you do, to get your goals back on track, is [...]

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  • Goal Setting in Uncertain Times

Goal Setting in Uncertain Times – Is It Worth It?


I know that times today are strange and uncertain. Things we once took for granted now seem taboo. The idea of setting, let alone achieving career-oriented goals may seem far-fetched. However, the world hasn’t stopped turning and while business (and employee engagement) may look different, it’s still moving and progressing. Don’t let your career aspirations fall to the wayside because operations have changed. Strong employees and leadership have an outstanding chance to shine when things seem uncertain. Focus on Things You Can Control Your skills and experiences are things that are in your zone of control and should be utilized to [...]

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5 Ways to Refuel During Stressful Times


The past weeks and months have been draining. Uncertainty, loss of control, and the unknown can lead to burnout and emotional exhaustion. Finding new ways to do business while dealing with other work/life stressors can push people to their breaking point. It’s important for your work ethic and personal wellbeing that you find ways to refuel during these stressful times. Signs it may be time to refuel and recharge your batteries include nagging fatigue, lack of focus, frustration, and negative emotions. You’re no good to others if you can’t take care of yourself so here are five practical ways to avoid [...]

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Finding Your Motivation to Lead During a Pandemic


COVID has tested even the most well-prepared companies’ contingency plans. With any transition, there is an adjustment period. Right now we’re making all types of adjustments to our personal lives and the way we conduct business - all at once. As you navigate this new, seemingly never-ending, unchartered territory there are a few things that can help you effectively lead your team and keep your overwhelm at bay. Strong leadership is crucial, now more than ever. Same with employee engagement. You know that. However, you probably didn’t expect your personal, financial, emotional, and professional life to be up-ended all at the [...]

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