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Building a Strong Workplace Culture: An Interview with Adam Witty


Adam Witty is a world-renowned entrepreneur, publisher, author, and speaker.  Adam is the founder and CEO of the Advantage Family, an international media and software company with over 3700 Members in 50 US states and 25 countries. The Advantage family includes Advantage Media Group, one of the largest independent business book publishers in the world consisting of Advantage and ForbesBooks; Magnetic Marketing, a marketing education company for entrepreneurs; BusinessAdvantage TV, a video-on-demand learning platform for entrepreneurs; and mLive, a multi-step marketing automation software for dentists. Adam has been featured in Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and on ABC and [...]

Building a Strong Workplace Culture: An Interview with Adam Witty2021-07-20T11:58:40-05:00
  • 3 Fun and Easy Ideas For Virtual Team Building

3 Fun and Easy Ideas For Virtual Team Building


Building a connection between co-workers through team building used to be far more simple and direct. Everything from collaborating in person to chatting over lunch and going out for happy hour was possible.  Even with so many options to stay virtually connected - through platforms like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts, we need to be a lot more creative with how we encourage team building. To make it easier for you, here are 3 fun and easy ideas to keep your team connected and engaged as we continue working from home:  #1 –  SHOW AND TELL  Rather than just a [...]

3 Fun and Easy Ideas For Virtual Team Building2021-05-27T12:18:23-05:00
  • How-to-enact-work-life-blend-in-your-life

3 Ways to Enact Work-Life Blend in Your Life


We’ve all heard the saying ‘work-life balance,’ but have you ever considered that it might be looking at our personal and professional lives the wrong way?  Work and life are intertwined. And it’s about time we start looking at it that way.  If we’re truly unable to separate our work and home selves, how do we make sure what remains is a whole, calm, focused, successful, and happy person? If you “tumble out of bed and into the kitchen,” what happens if that kitchen is now your office too? Here are some things to consider that might help you get closer [...]

3 Ways to Enact Work-Life Blend in Your Life2021-05-27T10:51:59-05:00
  • how-to-keep-your-team-engaged-through-work-from-home

4 Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged Through Work-From-Home


Although many employees report that work-from-home has many upsides – like saving time and money on commuting, and offering more time for their personal life – it can also have downsides for a company's bottom line when teams feel disconnected and disengaged. As many companies are embracing work-from-home for the duration of the pandemic and some even into the ‘new normal,’ it’s important to find effective and sustainable ways to keep employees engaged and teams connected.  Here are four ways to help keep your team engaged through work-from-home:  #1 –  VIRTUAL TEAM HUDDLES  Teams used to stay updated on company projects [...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged Through Work-From-Home2021-06-09T09:28:42-05:00
  • Business-growth-brand-culture-loyalty

Drive Business Growth with Brand, Culture and Loyalty


Ask most leaders and they’ll say they’ve got a great organizational culture. But dig a little deeper and the reality is, simply because people in a company say good morning to each other and aren’t berating each other, doesn’t mean you’ve got a true corporate culture of collaboration, compassion and, most importantly for your business, productivity. So, your culture – or your internal brand –  might not be as strong as you think.  BRAND Many leaders forget to include internal branding on their marketing radar. Yet, working on your internal brand is one of the most important first steps to take [...]

Drive Business Growth with Brand, Culture and Loyalty2021-05-27T10:56:29-05:00

10 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Gratitude


You have heard it before in other ways: In order to appreciate others, you need to first appreciate yourself. We have talked and written a lot about how gratitude can drive results and strong business relationships to foster a successful workplace, but when it comes to looking after YOU, it is important to recognize and be grateful for what you bring to the table.  Self-gratitude has become increasingly more important in the chaotic, stress-inducing world we live in today and we wanted to provide 10 quick tips to recognize the most important person of all: You.  Write a daily note to [...]

10 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Gratitude2021-05-28T09:31:25-05:00

3 Ways to Drive Inclusiveness and Create Belonging Within Your Team


Unless you are working with robots (which is entirely possible) you are likely to work within a group of diverse individuals; all with unique personalities and skill sets. Folks often compare their work teams with the makeup of sports teams, and because we live in Canada, we’ll use hockey to set this one up.   A hockey team has a number of different roles and positions all responsible for a certain task on the ice. The first line centerman should be scoring goals, the big defensemen keeps the opposing team away from the net and the goalie keeps the puck out [...]

3 Ways to Drive Inclusiveness and Create Belonging Within Your Team2021-05-18T13:31:31-05:00

Give & Take: How Do You Deliver Feedback?


If you have had more than one boss in your career (which I’m sure you have!) you will know that there are many different ways to receive feedback. Some leaders don’t hesitate to let you know when you have dropped the ball. If you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to work with a leader that takes the time to understand which approach to feedback works for you. Here are some approaches to giving feedback: Tell me how you really feel, why don’t you?   You have likely experienced this first approach. It comes across heavy handed and can feel like [...]

Give & Take: How Do You Deliver Feedback?2021-05-11T13:08:09-05:00

Work-Life Balance is Evolving. Here’s What That Means for the Future.


The notion of work-life balance took on a whole new meaning a year ago when office dwellers were forced to set up shop in their homes. According to Statistics Canada, 32% of Canadian employees worked most of their hours from home in 2021, compared with 4% in 2016. That is a huge jump!  For many, this was a welcome change and one that many have been asking for years. For others, this  shift has turned their life upside down, blurring the lines between home and work.  One thing we have learned is that no two situations are the same. Some people [...]

Work-Life Balance is Evolving. Here’s What That Means for the Future.2021-04-26T20:14:41-05:00

3 Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Daily Life


As we are in the midst of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic it is all too easy to focus on the impact that the pandemic is having on our own lives. It’s times like these we need a reminder of how important it is to look outwards and show gratitude towards others. Reaching out to the people around us to show support during this difficult time can have an immediate impact on sustaining relationships that are most important to you.  Here are three ways to express gratitude in your daily life: Start with those closest to you. At times, [...]

3 Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Daily Life2021-04-19T11:33:04-05:00
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