Work-Life Balance is Evolving. Here’s What That Means for the Future.


The notion of work-life balance took on a whole new meaning a year ago when office dwellers were forced to set up shop in their homes. According to Statistics Canada, 32% of Canadian employees worked most of their hours from home in 2021, compared with 4% in 2016. That is a huge jump!  For many, this was a welcome change and one that many have been asking for years. For others, this  shift has turned their life upside down, blurring the lines between home and work.  One thing we have learned is that no two situations are the same. Some people [...]

Work-Life Balance is Evolving. Here’s What That Means for the Future.2021-04-26T20:14:41-05:00

3 Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Daily Life


As we are in the midst of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic it is all too easy to focus on the impact that the pandemic is having on our own lives. It’s times like these we need a reminder of how important it is to look outwards and show gratitude towards others. Reaching out to the people around us to show support during this difficult time can have an immediate impact on sustaining relationships that are most important to you.  Here are three ways to express gratitude in your daily life: Start with those closest to you. At times, [...]

3 Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Daily Life2021-04-19T11:33:04-05:00

Introducing The Currency of Gratitude Book. Available Now on Amazon.


Gratitude really is in short supply these days, though it seems we truly need it even more than ever. We are all so busy trying to get our to-do list checked off that we often forget to stop and acknowledge the people helping us along the way. It’s important to make time for small gestures, meaningful expressions, and authentic acknowledgements of others. Personally, and professionally, gratitude matters because we matter. Gratitude is a subject that I am passionate about, so much so that I wrote a book on the subject--The Currency of Gratitude.  WHAT DOES THE CURRENCY OF GRATITUDE REALLY MEAN? [...]

Introducing The Currency of Gratitude Book. Available Now on Amazon.2021-04-13T07:33:48-05:00

5 Good Habits to Achieving a Successful Day at the ‘Office’ 


Not every workday is the same. Some days you can fly through your to-do list with ease and other days finding the right place to start can be a challenge on its own.  Establishing consistency with good habits will set you up for a productive day and allow you to leave the proverbial office feeling accomplished.  Here are five habits to start adopting today:   #1 – Start the day out with a plan and stick to it. Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to write down what you need to complete and  visualize the outcome of your day. [...]

5 Good Habits to Achieving a Successful Day at the ‘Office’ 2021-04-05T10:08:18-05:00

How to Recognize Employees in Today’s Environment


The first sentence in my new book, The Currency of Gratitude (Available April 13th) starts like this: Common courtesy is not so common anymore. This is even more relevant today, one year into a pandemic that has thrown us all the ultimate curveball. It is fair to feel like you’re still struggling to navigate your day-to-day responsibilities.   Nevertheless, the need for recognition has never been higher and a moment of gratitude from a colleague or leader can go a long way to boost morale.  Here are a few tips on how to recognize your employees and clients in today’s environment.  #1 [...]

How to Recognize Employees in Today’s Environment2021-03-23T20:54:17-05:00
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3 Easy Ways to Set Up Your Workspace to Enhance Productivity and Improve Mental Clarity


Since COVID-19 hit and many of us shifted to working from home, our personal and work lives have collided. Our dining rooms have become multi-purpose rooms - a home office, a classroom, a space for Zoom happy hours -  and somehow amidst it all, we find time and space to eat there too. When these areas are cluttered it can lead to an overall cluttered feeling in our brains. So how do we focus on work in our home environment? Here are a few tips to improve your productivity while working at home: #1 – AVOID DISTRACTIONS  Stating the obvious? Maybe. [...]

3 Easy Ways to Set Up Your Workspace to Enhance Productivity and Improve Mental Clarity2021-03-17T20:46:06-05:00
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Big Goals: Special, Not Unachievable


“My goal is to build an institution similar to the ones that had carried me through the first three decades of my life.” Sounds like a big goal. That statement drove this person to become the founder of one of the most successful and outstanding corporations in the world today. That was Jeffrey Bezos of Amazon in 1994. Yes, Amazon was his big goal. Now regardless of what you think about Amazon or big business, I want you to focus on the concept of the big goal as you read this article. Getting Started You may wonder, “How would a 30-year [...]

Big Goals: Special, Not Unachievable2020-11-24T18:38:33-05:00
  • My Big Idea Thank you Notes

Thank You Notes: A Simple and Sincere Way to Show Gratitude to The People Who Have Helped You Reach Your Goal


Is there someone that has helped you, but you just can’t seem to find a way to properly thank them? Do you want to show your gratitude in a more meaningful way than a text message? A thank-you note is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation to those that have helped you, though in the tech-driven world we live in today, it has become somewhat of a lost art.  People often feel that a thank you note will take too long, or they just don’t know what to say. Read on to learn why thank you notes mean so much [...]

Thank You Notes: A Simple and Sincere Way to Show Gratitude to The People Who Have Helped You Reach Your Goal2020-11-24T18:32:17-05:00
  • My Big Idea Rethink Financial Goals due to COVID19

Are You Re-thinking Your Financial Goals During COVID19?


COVID-19 has undoubtedly left everyone feeling uncertain. We have all had to adjust during this pandemic, especially our budgets. This has left many people feeling uneasy about their financial situation and perhaps feeling that there is no sense making or keeping to financial goals during this time. At the end of the day, the pandemic really shouldn’t deter you from your financial goals. In fact, these uncertain times should make you take an even closer look at them. I know this may seem like an odd stance to take but read on to consider why you should rethink, not abandon your [...]

Are You Re-thinking Your Financial Goals During COVID19?2020-11-24T18:25:56-05:00
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Grit is Forged in Hard Times


Grit may not be a word you hear very often but it’s something that business leaders should strive to have ascribed to themselves. While the verbiage may differ in different definitions the main mark of someone with grit is their courage, strength of character, and perseverance. All attributes that influential leaders aim to possess. So how does one come to have grit? How is it acquired? Real grit can only be developed through practice, experience, and failure. It’s not something you just wake up with one day, unfortunately. The only way to develop it, is to earn it. Not every business [...]

Grit is Forged in Hard Times2020-10-26T15:10:10-05:00
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