How to Bounce Back after Losing a Business Deal


It happens to all of us. When it seems like a great business deal is on the horizon and then - all of a sudden - that horizon disappears and we're smacked in the face with a, "Thanks, but no thanks," it can be difficult to wipe the look of surprise off our faces and end with a genuine smile of gratitude. But, just because closing a business deal wasn't in the cards for you today, it doesn't mean you can't carry on tomorrow. Here are four thoughts on how to cope with losing a client. Remember: Defeat Is an Education [...]

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Making Gratitude a Daily Habit – Here’s How


Several studies over the years have shown that grateful people are happier people. How can you be depressed when you're counting your blessings? Practicing gratitude as a daily habit is very powerful. It can boost your immune system, make you feel more alive, help you sleep better, and give you more to be excited about in your life. Does it have to be something major like a new car or job promotion? No! Being grateful for something as simple as someone letting you turn out of your neighborhood in morning traffic is enough. Being thankful for what you have rather than [...]

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How to Show Gratitude to Loved Ones


Gratitude. A simple word that carries so much meaning. It's easy to throw around phrases like, "Thank you", and "I appreciate that", in the midst of our busy, hectic lives. But is there any meaning behind these words? Do the people we say them to really know how much we care? Showing gratitude to friends, family, and coworkers is an important part of maintaining healthy relationships – but it's not always easy to do. Are you unsure of how to show gratitude to those who mean the most? Keep reading to learn the true meaning of gratitude and effective ways of [...]

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Finding Grace and Gratitude When Coping With Chronic Pain


Living with chronic pain is one of the hardest things anyone can do. It causes your body to be in a near-constant state of stress and can lead to being easily distracted with your mind always being split between the task at hand and the pain. Chronic pain changes the way the brain functions and leaves the person suffering and more likely to develop mental struggles such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. But, what if there were a way to make things a little more tolerable day-to-day? What if there were a technique to encourage happiness and concentration in spite [...]

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Why You Should Be Grateful for Progress


Why is it important to have gratitude for the progress you’ve made? Highly motivated people always seem to be moving forward. They use goal-setting to map out their future, and challenge themselves to achieve more. The tendency to push forward comes naturally; psychologists call it action bias. It’s the instinct to act in order to have control over one’s life. This instinct is necessary and results in progress being made. However, according to researchers, taking the time to look back can have an astonishing positive effect on your forward motion. Why Reflect? Reflection is an instrumental part of making progress. When [...]

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Looking Back to Go Forward


Long term success is the result of a series of consistent wins. Whether it is in your personal life or professional career, “overnight success” is actually the product of many consistent small victories and good choices that led to a big win. When you set goals for yourself and are driven to succeed, it can seem as though you must work relentlessly towards the end result, not stopping until you reach the finish line. While in some regards this is true, it is important to allow yourself time for reflection along the journey. Why is reflection such a crucial part of [...]

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Always Bad News? You Need to Start a Gratitude Journal…Today


Where were you on 9/11? What were you doing when you got the news of a close friend or family member’s unexpected death? Chances are good, if you have lived through traumatic events, you remember vividly the circumstances surrounding the episode. Ironically, you may be able to detail what you were wearing when you got bad news, but may not be able to remember your best friend’s birthday. What makes bad news so much easier to remember? Scientists have studied the phenomenon, and have classified it as the result of activity in the region of the brain responsible for emotional processing. [...]

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The Cure for a Boring Life


It shows up unexpectedly in the inbox. You knew it would happen, but it doesn’t lessen the shock nor eliminate the slight trepidation you feel as you open it. Mind racing, you may already be making your excuses about why you won’t be able to make it to your school reunion/industry gala/insert other event that makes your heart race for the wrong reasons. Maybe it is not so much the event itself, but the “What have you been up to?” questions that make the reunion brutal. When you think about what you’ve done in the last few years, you come to [...]

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Updating Your Resume? Don’t Forget to Show Gratitude


At various points in your professional life, you’ll have an opportunity to take stock of the things that you’ve accomplished. For some this is updating your resume, others this is when applying for a board seat or applying to speak at a TEDx talk. Anytime you are asked for an updated biography is a chance for you to reflect on the accomplishments of your career. A new promotion, a change in responsibilities or receiving an award are also key moments where you may reflect on the achievements you’ve enjoyed. Studies show that gratitude can have a positive effect on a person’s [...]

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The Power of a Vision for Your Professional Goals


“The wonderful thing is that vision is greater than baggage.” - Stephen Covey “Setting goals allows you to paint a vision of what you wish your future to be.” - Catherine Pusifer Much has been said about the idea of having a vision. Companies often have vision or mission statements that summarize the overall goal of the organization. What about individuals? Is it important to have a vision for your professional life? Creating a vision for your career may seem too theoretical - after all, shouldn’t you just do your job and not have a larger ‘mission’? Your mission, however, can [...]

The Power of a Vision for Your Professional Goals2020-05-26T20:22:11-05:00
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