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Hitting the Mark: How to Set Successful Goals

Every company, from small businesses to large corporations, needs to set goals. Successful goals are ones that are attainable, measurable, and contribute to the strategic vision of your company. Whether your company is new and just starting out or an old company that's trying to remain relevant, clear goals are needed to ensure your business's success.
If you are interested to learn more about the importance of setting new goals and how to do that, keep reading. We've got some clear goal-setting steps for you.
Why Are Goals Important?
Goals can breathe new life into a stale business as well as provide direction for a new start-up. When you involve your employees in the goal-setting process, they take ownership of the success of the company. Goals also can boost the morale and productivity of your workforce.
Business development goals also inform the training your employees will undergo and how your employee development will take shape. For example, if one of your corporate goals is to change your employee culture, all of the training and development that you undertake throughout the year can include that as a focus.
Goals provide clear parameters to focus your activities around and provide a framework for your company during the strategic planning period.
New Company, New Goals
The first day at a new job is almost always overwhelming. From the small things that are a part of learning about a new organization and its culture to the large things like setting personal goals, there is a lot to be done at the start of a new position.
Remember that you want your goals to be attainable, so it's best to start small. No one is going to change the company in the first week of employment. A 30-60-90-day plan is the best way to achieve this. This plan allows you to identify your goals for the first 90 days of employment in a manageable way.
As you create your plan, be sure to allow sufficient time to reflect on your goals and how you met them and the ability to revise your future goals if necessary.
Old Company, New Life
On the other end of the spectrum, you might find that your company or business has grown stagnant. You've done the same thing year in and year out with no real attention paid to new goals. How do you revive a company like this?
It's smart to get employees involved in goal-setting, especially if these are long-standing employees. You will need their buy-in when it's time to implement the goals, so it's wise to get their input in identifying what needs to be done.
SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a smart way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company and where you need improvements.
Successful Goals to Ensure Success
Successful goals are necessary for companies at all levels. A clear vision for you and your company is the cornerstone of successful goals. Use these tips for goal-setting at all levels of your career and don't forget to explore the role of gratitude in goal-setting as well.
What goals come to mind when you think about your career? Your company? If the goal-setting process seems overwhelming, know that there are resources out there to help. Let My Big Idea help you set goals to ensure success.
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea®. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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