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3 Ways to Enact Work-Life Blend in Your Life

We’ve all heard the saying ‘work-life balance,’ but have you ever considered that it might be looking at our personal and professional lives the wrong way? 

Work and life are intertwined. And it’s about time we start looking at it that way. 

If we’re truly unable to separate our work and home selves, how do we make sure what remains is a whole, calm, focused, successful, and happy person? If you “tumble out of bed and into the kitchen,” what happens if that kitchen is now your office too? Here are some things to consider that might help you get closer to a work-life blend that makes sense for you.                 


 A lot of people set professional goals they feel will make them successful in their career, but they ignore personal goal setting.

Determining what your personal goals are (health, relationships, etc.) will help you think about how your personal self and professional self align – or don’t. Identifying the gaps is an important step in finding an acceptable work-life blend.                          


Many of us think of personal refueling this way: you go on a relaxing vacation. Then, by day two back at work, you’re stressed again. 

Think about what refuels you professionally. What gets you excited about your career? Take time to reinvigorate yourself professionally whether it’s professional development courses or taking on new tasks.


Hiding that you’re overwhelmed in your personal or professional life won’t help you to carve a path to work-life blend. 

Let those in your personal support network know if you’re stressed and talk to colleagues or leaders if you’re doing too much at work. Once they know, they can be part of the solution and not part of the problem.        

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