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4 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Accessible


The number of people with disabilities entering the workforce is rising, and it's becoming increasingly important to create more accessible workplaces and rethink our strategies when it comes to recruiting, hiring and retaining talent.  Increasing the accessibility of your workplace can improve productivity and support diversity and inclusion by opening up your organization to a wider pool of talent.  In order to foster an accessible workplace, it’s important to first understand that not all disabilities are visible and not all employees disclose disabilities to their employer. When rethinking your workplaces’ accessibility protocol, keep in mind that it needs to cover both [...]

4 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Accessible2022-01-17T08:46:47-05:00
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5 Types of People You Need in Your Support Network


No one does it alone.  We all rely on a support network to help us navigate through both personal and professional challenges. Our individual success is often supported by others who prop us up, mentor us, and push us to be our best self.  There’s something we can learn from everyone, and each individual has something unique to offer. Ideally, your support network will include individuals from a variety of backgrounds with different perspectives, personalities and life experiences.  As we grow and evolve as individuals, it’s important that we reevaluate our support network along the way. When goals change or as [...]

5 Types of People You Need in Your Support Network2021-09-15T11:31:52-05:00
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