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The Currency of Gratitude

The Currency of Gratitude


Forbes Author and #1 Amazon Best Seller, Michele Bailey, offers a moving and straightforward guide to enabling business growth using gratitude as your currency. The Currency of Gratitude is filled with stories about cultivating a business brand and business culture centered on expressing thankfulness. 

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Achieving #1 Amazon Best Seller status within weeks of publication, Forbes Author Michele Bailey proves the need for gratitude in business. In her book, The Currency of Gratitude, Michele argues that heartfelt, specific, and direct communication steeped in gratitude can grow and sustain a business far better than any targeted technology.

Through engaging stories and real-life business examples, Michele shows how making gratitude a priority in one’s professional life enables businesses to attract and retain top talent and clients and raises employee engagement and productivity. 

The Currency of Gratitude proves that small gestures can have big results and invites you to consider immediate and practical ways for promoting gratitude within your own business culture.

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