My Big Idea Daily Planner

My Big Idea Daily Planner


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Designed for professionals who are looking to achieve work/life blend, The My Big Idea® Planner helps you to set goals in six main areas of your life: Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Finance, Relationships, Refueling and Health. Stay on track with monthly action plans, check-ins and quarterly reviews that reflect back your progress and promote personal accountability. Each section sets you up for success with each building your momentum by reflecting back and planning forward eac your next steps to ensure goal achievement. Transform your ideas into reality in all areas of your life. 

210 in stock



The My Big Idea® Planner is a highly effective tool, designed to help you achieve balance and work/life blend.

Unlike traditional planners, the My Big Idea® Planner helps you set goals in six main areas of your life and will help provide clarity and focus as you work toward what success looks like for you in the coming year. Each planner includes guided questions that help you reflect and refuel during your journey.

Monthly and quarterly progress check-ins and progress reports keep you accountable as you identify your top goals and create an action plan to achieve the results you want.

While encompassing all the usual features of a daily planner, the My Big Idea® Planner is uniquely grounded in a philosophy of gratitude, relationship-building and clarity that ensures focus in the areas of Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Finance, Relationships, Refueling and Health.

Create a year-long plan for success, stay focused and achieve your goals with the My Big Idea® Planner.


  • Durable Hardcover with matte finish
  • Size: 23x15x2 (cm) Weight: .422 g
  • A Lay-flat Design with 12 months of undated Calendars
  • Your Guiding One Word Exercise
  • Weekly undated calendars with space to track both professional and personal ToDos
  • Guiding questions that prompt reflection and goal clarification.
  • Monthly Action plans for strategic goal achievement
  • A Gratitude practice to help nurture your relationships
  • Quarterly Check-ins to stay on track and accountable
  • 8 Extra blank pages for self-expression, note taking and creativity
  • A Bucket List and Books To Read pages

Set-up goals in different areas of your life: Personal, Professional, Finance, Relationships, Refueling and Health

Achieve Success

Feel confident in your accomplishments and clarity of next steps and know what you need to do next to move you forward. Start where you are with blank monthly and weekly calendars.

Stay on Track

Review your monthly, quarterly and yearly progress. With an integrated system of accountability, you can effectively measure your achievements alongside your progress to accurately know how far you’ve come and to know how far you have to go.

Plan Your Next Right Move

Guided questions help you gain a sense of clarity, purpose and direction. Clearly identify your goals in six areas of our life while creating an action plan of achievement. Each planner helps you to identify your: Professional, Finance & Wealth, Health & Wellness, Relationships, Refueling and Gratitude.

Build Stronger Relationships

Centred in a practice of Gratitude, we help you never forget who’s important in your life. Take action and nurture your support network with guided questions and exercises that help you acknowledge the important people in your life by building a habit of gratitude.

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