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Fight Employee Burnout

Right now, employees are feeling…
Stressed Out Overwhelmed Burnt Out Isolated Unmotivated Disengaged
Employee wellbeing is an essential factor in business survival. A year of uncertainty and change has left many employees at risk of burnout. Working remotely, juggling home and work responsibilities, have left many feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and disengaged. The cost to businesses is the loss of productivity, culture and engagement.


How do you give your employees a sense of wellbeing and calm?
Employees find themselves choosing between business and personal priorities. This mindset can lead to lower productivity, disengagement, dissatisfaction, and eventual burnout.


How do you keep your top talent from leaving your organization?
Retaining and keeping the right people in today’s environment is about more than just compensation. It’s about supporting your employees as they work to achieve their professional and personal goals.


How do you get everyone on the same page when no one is in the same room?
When employees find alignment between their goals and the overall business objectives, they are more collaborative and function better as a cohesive team.
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Your Employees Need Your Help!

Of employees reported a decline in their workplace wellbeing.*
*National Post
Of high potential employees are feeling burnt out.**
Of teams are grateful their company engaged MY BIG IDEA®.***
***MY BIG IDEA participant exit interviews

We Can Help!

The MY BIG IDEA® program is tailored to client objectives and designed to stir reflection, refuel passion, and achieve measurable results.

Increase Productivity & Engagement

Rebuild Workplace Culture

The MY BIG IDEA® program provides a safe environment for both personal and professional reflection and introspection. We help to foster an environment of continuous learning, collaboration, and motivation. A better understanding of personal motivators and drivers reinforces group collaboration that allows teams to reconnect and collectively work together.

Combat Employee Isolation

Support Employee Wellbeing

The MY BIG IDEA® program is a powerful, transformational tool that makes the step to wellness systematic and achievable for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Investing in employee wellness delivers focused employees who operate with clarity and purpose, who can balance work and life commitments, knowing they can reach their desired potential while contributing to the company’s success. Our program will give you – better insight into the needs of your employees and their personal drivers.

Our Program Results In

Collaborative Company Culture
Increased Employee Engagement
Greater Team Cohesion
Talent Retention
Employee Loyalty
Improved Employee Wellbeing

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