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  • Keeping Up Company Morale And Employee Engagement During a Pandemic

Keeping Up Company Morale During a Pandemic


There is no way around it - these are stressful times. Not only are people worried about the economy and their jobs, but they’re also concerned about the personal wellbeing of themselves and their families. Despite us being months into the pandemic, the uncertainty feels like the only thing that is certain. Still, the business must go on. Employee engagement is a must. So what does a business owner or company leader do to keep their team motivated and ensure employee engagement when things seem to keep changing and there’s so much uncertainty? First of all, acknowledge how different things are [...]

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  • Short-term goals via My Big Idea

Why Short-Term Goals are Crucial During COVID


There’s no doubt that it can be remarkably difficult to focus on the future when you’re in the middle of an extremely trying time. Simply trying to manage day by day tasks can prove challenging in an ever-changing environment. Despite being months into COVID-19, do forgive yourself if you feel like you haven’t gotten it together yet. This pandemic has had a massive impact on the economy and practically every business has been greatly affected by this global event. Certain things may feel completely out of control but it’s important to keep focused on your business and what you can do [...]

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