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Think about it, what sets successful businesses apart from the rest? 

Many say: engaged employees!

Would you agree?

The notion of employee engagement refers to workers who are happy in their jobs and with their company and, importantly, individuals who are committed to the organization's goals and mission. Engaged employees behave with an awareness that their decisions and actions will impact their own success but also understand that it significantly influences the entire organization's wins. 

Is employee engagement success down to the manager?

Keeping employees engaged is not a sporadic exercise. Employee engagement evokes purpose and meaning; it highlights development opportunities and involves an engaged manager focusing on employees' strengths. 

Manager impact is noteworthy here as Gallup, a well-known research and analytics company, shows that managers are primarily responsible for employee engagement. Their study indicates that managers are solely responsible for 70% of the variance in team engagement. 

Does employee engagement play a role in worker retention?

Studies show that a positive employee experience creates a productive workforce with individuals likely to stay at the company. 

Consulting firm McKinsey shows that individuals with a positive employee experience are 16 times more engaged than those with a negative experience and eight times more likely to stay with the organization.

Gallup's studies show that engaged employees outperform their counterparts, regardless of industry, company size, or nationality, even during economic downturns. It indicates that only 21% of employees worldwide are engaged. Within the US, the figure sits at 33%.

Engaged employees are more productive and creative and committed to achieving organizational goals. These employees are happier workers where wellbeing thrives and are less likely to leave their jobs.

Does employee engagement affect the end game?

Research shows that employee engagement contributes significantly to an organization's ultimate success, and studies support the words of Richard Branson: "Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your customers.

Engaged employees make decisions that positively impact the workforce and the organization, making for increased productivity and better business outcomes; this means happier, more satisfied customers.

On the flip side of 'employee engagement greatness' is the cause for concern that disengaged employees will likely negatively impact productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

An article by Forbes highlights a direct correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. It concludes, "...research continues to support the argument that an investment in employee engagement initiatives can lead to improved business outcomes." And improved business outcomes include improved customer satisfaction.

Is engaged onboarding enough?

Employee engagement is more than just meaningful onboarding; it affects every step of the employee lifecycle. It encompasses an employee's entire journey with an organization, from pre-hire experiences to post-exit interactions, including workspace, wellbeing, and relationships with management and colleagues.

To improve employee engagement, leaders need to redefine managers' roles, provide training and resources for coaching, and create evaluation practices that accurately measure performance and hold employees accountable. By meeting these drivers of employee engagement, companies achieve positive outcomes. 

Furthermore, managers must ensure that employees understand their deliverables, provide support when necessary, and explain how their work contributes to the business's overall success. 

With the right tools and leadership, companies can create a culture of engagement, leading to increased productivity, reduced turnover rates, and boosted customer satisfaction.

Ready to boost your employee engagement? Let us help you to attract, retain and engage satisfied employees. Book a consultation with an expert at MY BIG IDEA. 

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