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It takes more effort to land a new client than it does to retain an existing one. Instinctively, most business leaders know this, but the nature of client retention is changing.

Faced with the difficult task of engaging and retaining your clients who are bombarded with information, shiny object syndrome and sales pitches from every angle, you must find new ways to maintain your edge.

What compels a client to remain loyal, rather than signing on with the ‘newest, noisiest supplier of the week’?

Added Value to Your Clients

Fundamentally, business owners understand that to retain clients, their services must provide value. Many businesses, however, think that value is tied strictly to pricing, and try to provide their services at the lowest cost.

While pricing is important, trying to compete on pricing alone is a losing battle. To inspire client loyalty, your business needs to add value to the services you offer. What does that look like?

Proactive services 

Successful client retention strategies can include proactive services. Rather than waiting until the client needs something, businesses who are proactive in their approach will surprise, delight and help their customers grow their own business.

Shared values between you and your clients

A primary means of building a relationship with clients is through the development of shared values. By demonstrating that you are invested in the success of their business, you begin to strengthen your relationship with them.

When you invest in the success of your clients, you become a trusted adviser, and can develop a relationship that will last for a long time.

Strengthen your relationship by showing your gratitude 

Saying ‘Thank You’ through words or deeds can have a lasting impact on how your clients view you and your services. 

One idea is to offer them a chance to attend a workshop, seminar or gain access to training they likely couldn’t attend on their own.

Hosting a professional development program that provides long term benefits to your clients is an excellent way of demonstrating your gratitude and cultivating a shared value and vision for how to work together for the long term.

Offering a MY BIG IDEA® program as an exclusive, invitation-only event for your best clients allows you to position yourself as a valuable resource, and instills loyalty within those clients.

Hosting a workshop for selected clients not only demonstrates your commitment to their future success, it shows your recognition of their importance to your company.

Our goal setting workshops provide your clients with additional tools they can use to build their business, which will in turn help you build your own. 

Contact us at MY BIG IDEA® to find out about our proven track record of success and how we can strengthen your relationship with your clients and support the goals of your organization.

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