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If you’ve invested in corporate training workshops, you probably already know the many ways it can benefit your business

From improving employee engagement and retention to helping your company operate more effectively - employee training workshops have the potential to transform your business for the better. 

But how can you ensure that you and your talent are getting the most out of your corporate training workshops? See our top tips below: 

Identify the Purpose of Training

Goal training and leadership development is about change.

Do you need to increase sales revenue? Is customer responsiveness lagging? Is your company turnover worrisome? Did you inherit a new team and need to get them all rowing in the same direction?

Clarify Your Objectives

What behavior or outcome do you with to improve? Having a clear objective is essential to the success of employee training. Often, development programs fail because they address too many issues or have little direction. Identify the intended change prior to the training program and tailor the activities to that objective.

Share the Plan

Once you’ve developed an objective for training, communicate that to your team. Letting them know the purpose of the training is imperative to the success of the event. It seems obvious, but many plans fail simply because the expected outcome wasn’t communicated with clear goals and milestones. Be specific. Rather than a long list of standards and competencies, identify one or two skills that will be the focus.

Lead by Example

As the leader, you create the direction for your team or organization. Whether you are responsible for a specific project or an entire department, you set the tone for the success (or failure) of that project.

In the area of goal training or leadership development, your actions and attitude can affect the outcome. Participate in the training. Engage in the activities. Consider how others will interpret your responses to the training event. Your team is watching!

Maintain Momentum

Follow up is essential to the effectiveness of the training. Reinforcing skills through role-playing, team meetings and individual evaluations can help to solidify new behaviors and improve retention. Evaluate success based on the action plan you developed and make adjustments as needed.

Understand Your Position

Leaders can make or break the success of training events. Studies have shown the importance of strong leadership in virtually every aspect of the organization; from staffing to training to revenue.

Nearly 50% of employee turnover is due to relational issues with leadership, and almost 40% of employees report that they feel undervalued and taken advantage of by their supervisor.

Conversely, good leadership has an astounding effect on the success of a company. In one study of over 50,000 leaders, analysis showed that companies with strong leadership garnered profits that were almost double that of poorly led corporations.

With such a strong correlation between leadership and success, its value cannot be understated. Strong, effective leaders can bring about rapid change.

Interested in introducing new corporate training workshops to your company? Contact us at MY BIG IDEA® to find out about our proven track record of success and how we can support the goals of your organization.

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