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Branding From Within: An Interview with Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis is the President and CEO of Whetstone Inc., a faculty member of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), and a Principal Partner of The Summit Group. Adrian has over 30 years of sales and sales leadership experience and has spent over 20 years advising senior management teams and sales groups on subjects ranging from corporate strategy and relationship management to competitive advantage and sales excellence. 

Adrian has a global reputation for delivering insightful and engaging keynotes and workshops, and has recently developed an advanced sales training program: The Hero’s Journey for Sales. 

As a business leader, professional speaker and sales expert, Adrian has worked with countless teams and business partners. 

We asked Adrian a few questions about how ‘branding from within,’ or ‘internal branding’ can help executives propel their business forward:

What does ‘branding from within’ mean to you?

It means understanding who we are and what we stand for beyond what we sell. What we sell should be an authentic part of our journey and expression of our core values.  

How does internal branding affect business growth?

It's at the heart of organic growth that accelerates over time. It's what drives us forward regardless of the obstacles that appear. Obstacles only generate creativity as internal branding compels us to bring our value to those who need it. 

What does internal branding look like for you?

It starts with the inner imperative to bring particular value to the market, it grows from there to recruit others who want to enrol in the cause, from there it leads to consistent and compelling expressions of value. 

How does your internal branding impact your outward-facing consumer brand?

I think we are able to impact our customers in very meaningful ways. In turn, they feel compelled to tell others about us. Our brand is really what others say about us.  

Do you have any recommendations for business leaders who want to improve their internal branding?

Take the time to figure out your story and how what you do today is an authentic outgrowth of your body of experience.  

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