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10 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Gratitude

You have heard it before in other ways: In order to appreciate others, you need to first appreciate yourself. We have talked and written a lot about how gratitude can drive results and strong business relationships to foster a successful workplace, but when it comes to looking after YOU, it is important to recognize and be grateful for what you bring to the table. 

Self-gratitude has become increasingly more important in the chaotic, stress-inducing world we live in today and we wanted to provide 10 quick tips to recognize the most important person of all: You. 

  1. Write a daily note to yourself about what you are thankful for. Store them away and review them at the end of the month. You will have 30 new things to be grateful for. 
  2. Take time for mental breaks. Give yourself moments of positive reflection to reinforce the value you bring in life and in your workplace. 
  3. Keep a journal. Writing down your aspirations, goals and successes will help reinforce your self-worth and will build confidence over time. We’ve got the perfect planner for you!
  4. Share it out loud. Take time to share your wins, big or small, with your family, friends, and colleagues. 
  5. Ask for feedback. Sometimes you need to solicit some positive feedback to help validate the work you have been doing. But be ready for some criticism as well and use it to help you grow! 
  6. Reward yourself. Been working harder than usual? Gift yourself with that outfit you’ve had in your online cart for weeks now! You deserve it! 
  7. Take a day off. When you are on a roll and confidence is high you may way to keep things going, but it’s important to take a day away from the office to help yourself recharge and reflect on your success and what lies ahead. 
  8. Practice meditation.  Breathing exercises and guided meditations are a very literal way for you to force yourself to think positively and to reflect on the things you should be grateful for. Doing this over time will build positive reinforcement and will keep your anxiety levels low. 
  9. Try something new. Sometimes to propel self-gratitude you need to challenge yourself. By learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby it will give you a new sense of appreciation for yourself, for others and will make you feel humble. 
  10. Spend time with those you love. There is nothing that will make you feel better and more appreciative than spending time with the people that you love, doing things that make you feel happy. 

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