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3 Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Daily Life

As we are in the midst of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic it is all too easy to focus on the impact that the pandemic is having on our own lives. It’s times like these we need a reminder of how important it is to look outwards and show gratitude towards others. Reaching out to the people around us to show support during this difficult time can have an immediate impact on sustaining relationships that are most important to you. 

Here are three ways to express gratitude in your daily life:

Start with those closest to you.

At times, it can become easy to take those closest to you for granted. We are spending more time with our significant others, children, and family members. When things get stressful, we rely on them as a sounding board to help us navigate through the issues and challenges in our daily lives. But don’t forget they need support from you too.  Putting gratitude at the center of your personal relationships will ensure you are cultivating and strengthening those relationships for the long haul. 

Stop and recognize others when they have made an impact on your life. 

We have all gotten to where we are today with the help of others.How often do you stop and reflect on who has supported you in your journey? We don’t always recognize it in the moment.  Take some time to think about those who are important to you and show your thanks. You will likely make that person’s day.  

Practice Self Care.

In The Currency of Gratitude’ I discuss how successful self-care can be a way of fuelling our ability to experience gratitude. In times of uncertainty, anxiety can easily fuel thoughts of doubt while chipping away at our sense of self-worth. However, it can also present us with a true opportunity to show our resilience. If we embrace and feel gratitude for what we have it can power our way forward. 

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