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Introducing The Currency of Gratitude Book. Available Now on Amazon.

Gratitude really is in short supply these days, though it seems we truly need it even more than ever. We are all so busy trying to get our to-do list checked off that we often forget to stop and acknowledge the people helping us along the way. It’s important to make time for small gestures, meaningful expressions, and authentic acknowledgements of others. Personally, and professionally, gratitude matters because we matter. Gratitude is a subject that I am passionate about, so much so that I wrote a book on the subject--The Currency of Gratitude.


Like money, gratitude is a commodity that when exchanged creates value. Give gratitude and your returns will come in ways you never imagined. Likewise, when you are the recipient of true gratitude, the benefits are immense. When least expected, gratitude reminds us that someone cares and that we matter.

It sounds simple because it is. But sadly, it’s not something that many regard as being all that important. In The Currency of Gratitude, I argue that making gratitude a priority in your personal and professional life contributes positively to work-life blend, personal growth and business success.


As I look around the world today, I often wonder what happened to common courtesy. Small gestures of gratitude like a simple acknowledgement, a “please” or a “thank you” have gone by the wayside. What do we do to bring back the common courtesies and introduce an authentic practice of gratitude? If you’re a business owner, I think it starts with a team culture built on a foundation of gratitude, as I call it, “branding from within”.


I am a strong proponent of small, authentic gestures that create big results - both personally and professionally. 

For an individual, making gratitude a habit through acknowledgment, appreciation, and support goes a long way toward creating a tribe that both appreciates and supports you.

For a business, when you foster a culture of gratitude, you create a foundation of loyalty, trust, and collaboration, essentially building a team of internal brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors – those who live and breathe your brand – not only help drive improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, supported by external marketing, they contribute to building the  awareness of your brand that propels your business forward.    

In The Currency of Gratitude, by sharing real-life examples and personal stories, I discuss immediate and practical ways for promoting gratitude within both your personal life and your business culture. Published by Forbes, it’s out now and it’s my privilege to share it with you. 

Get your copy on Amazon Today. 

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