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5 Good Habits to Achieving a Successful Day at the 'Office' 

Not every workday is the same. Some days you can fly through your to-do list with ease and other days finding the right place to start can be a challenge on its own. 

Establishing consistency with good habits will set you up for a productive day and allow you to leave the proverbial office feeling accomplished.  Here are five habits to start adopting today:  

#1 – Start the day out with a plan and stick to it.

Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to write down what you need to complete and  visualize the outcome of your day. Keep your list short and focused on the day ahead of you.  Lucky for you, we have got the perfect tool to help you plan your next steps. 

#2 – Take mental breaks to reset your thought process. 

We have all experienced it. You are making progress on a project and then suddenly you catch yourself staring indifferently into your computer screen. Take that as a sign that your brain needs a breather.  Step away, reset your thoughts and come back with a fresh perspective. 

# 3 – Keep gas in the tank.

Skipping a meal can happen easily when you are in the zone on a project. Eating regular meals will provide you with the physical and mental energy needed to accomplish your tasks for the day. 

#4 – Eliminate distractions. 

Working remotely comes with a unique set of distractions. Casual conversations have been replaced with more emails and direct messages. These small distractions compound throughout the day and disrupt your workflow. Block off time in your calendar each day to close out of your email, Slack or Teams to stay focused on a task. 

#5 – Show your gratitude. 

“Sincere acknowledgment and appreciation yield a surprising return on investment.”  Taking time to show support for those you work with will foster a collaborative environment and will improve productivity throughout your day. 

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