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Can Goal Setting Work in a Diverse Workplace?

One of the important matters facing businesses today is diversity. A diverse workplace is better equipped to deal with the complexity of a diverse world. Individuals of all genders, races, ages and backgrounds working together within an organization bring strength to the organization and promote unity within the company.
Diversity is more than culture, race, and gender. It also includes elements such as socio-economic background, education level, geographic location, sexual orientation, thought and many others.
A workplace that promotes inclusiveness recognizes the strengths that individuals can bring to the organization and celebrates the unique ways they contribute to the culture and success of the company’s mission. Managing the diversity within the organization can bring special challenges, however. How can goal setting help everyone within an organization realize their potential for success?
Goal setting is a proven method of reaching success.

Using goal setting is effective. Programs that teach employees goal-setting techniques allow individuals to set measurable, timely and specific goals that will move them to higher levels of success.

Goal-setting is individualized. While the company has its goals that all employees contribute to, each individual’s job should have its own goals. As a result, each person should have their own goals to work towards, personalized to their tasks and abilities.
Goal-setting is personal. No two people will approach a goal the same way. Teaching the strategies of goal-setting will allow each individual to work on their goal in a way that is most meaningful to them. The goal is the target, but the path to get there will be different based on the individual.
Goal-setting is non-discriminatory. An individual’s goals are directly tied to that person - regardless of age, gender, race or background. Their goals, therefore, will apply to them differently than someone else. Even if two people have the same goal, their approach to reaching the target will be unique.
Using a strategic goal-setting program, companies can encourage everyone in their organization to work towards success, regardless of where they start. By teaching participants the strategies to use in attaining their goals, they can be successful in both their personal and professional lives. In a snowball effect, when individuals are fulfilled, they are more engaged at work. Businesses with engaged employees are more successful than their counterparts with disengaged employees. Put simply, employees who reach their goals help their company reach their goals and everyone benefits.
Are you looking for tools to help individuals realize their potential and support the goals of the business? Contact My Big Idea™ today to find out how our goal-setting program can help.
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea®. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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