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Evaluating Your Corporate Wellness Program

When asked about employee wellness programs, and most business leaders instantly envision weight-loss contests, smoking cessation programs and healthcare meetings.
While it is true that each of these elements are components of a wellness program, an effective plan goes beyond physical health. While most individuals acknowledge that a person’s health is dependent on a multitude of factors, wellness plans often overlook facets other than physical health. Are you ready to recharge your company’s wellness program?
Define your purpose
Wellness programs are often part of employee benefit packages, and are sometimes considered a ‘perk’ of employment. In today’s competitive work environment, employees (and potential employees) may comparison shop benefit packages to decide where they want to pursue employment.
However, people rarely select, stay or leave a job solely based on a company’s wellness program. Instead of focusing on making your wellness program attractive to outsiders, spend time determining the purpose of your program so that it becomes attractive to your employees.
Why do you need a wellness program? Are you concerned about the physical health of your employees? Healthy living components are a vital part of wellness programs. Weight loss programs, smoking cessation training and other health-related activities can have a positive impact on employee health. Don’t limit yourself to physical health, however.
Evaluate your current program
Is it being utilized by employees? What areas can you improve? What do employees ask for? Using both informal (break room conversations are a great way to find out what components people may be looking for) and formal (surveys and polls) methods, find out what would get your current employees excited about wellness. What additional needs do your employees may have. Do their personal and professional goals line up? Do you offer support for positive mental health? Can you offer training programs that would allow you to meet the personal and professional needs they may have?
Time for a new corporate wellness program?
If your current program doesn’t meet the wellness needs of your employees, it may be time to investigate a new program. If a complete overhaul isn’t possible, consider adding new elements and programs to your existing plan. Look for a program that enables your wellness program to grow as your company evolves. Is your new program concerned with the total wellness of your employees? Do they offer additional components that can be added as needed?
Things to look for:
#1. A program that meets your specific needs. Using the data collected from your employees, look for a program that offers a comprehensive package. Provide your employees with the resources to take control of their wellness.
#2. Modern and relatable programming. Look for programs that can offer relatable and practical information that your employees see as applicable to their life, career and that will help them be successful.
#3. Skills to help navigate their future success. Successful wellness programs are designed to assist your employees in making smart, healthy choices about themselves and their future. Adding goal-setting to your wellness programs can supercharge the effectiveness of your program and equip your employees for success - both personally and professionally.
Contact the professionals at My Big Idea™ to discover how our program can help your employees succeed.
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea®. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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