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What Effect Does a Positive Person Have at Work?

Experts have preached the impact of a positive attitude on an individual’s health for years.

A positive outlook can help to lower blood pressure, manage weight loss, counter depression and boost the immune system. But what happens when a positive person joins a high stress work environment?
High stress environments can be toxic and expensive. According to the American Psychological Association, more than $500 billion is spent annually on stress related health issues. In addition, more than 550 million workdays are lost due to stress.
Stress can affect employee health and is a leading cause of heart problems.
Stress leads to disengagement at work. Employees who feel overwhelmed and unappreciated begin to feel devalued and will either become completely disengaged or simply look for another job.
The solution to a stress-filled environment? Positive culture. Creating a positive workplace culture can counter-effect the stress, and help employees succeed.
Cultivating a positive workplace is more than simply using feel-good slogans and pithy catch-phrases. It takes a concerted effort but can be started with just one person. A single individual can make a lasting impact on the culture of an organization that can revitalize the workplace.
What effect can one positive person have in an organization? The answer may surprise you.
They cultivate social connections
A positive person typically creates social connections with others in their workplace. Studies have shown that employees with positive social interactions at work use fewer sick days, learn faster, are less depressed and indicate a higher rate of job satisfaction.
They demonstrate empathy
Individuals who are positive are more likely to show compassion toward fellow employees. As a result, they create a positive experience for their co-worker. This cycle of kindness can spread throughout an organization, generating a workplace environment built on respect and understanding.
They offer assistance
When a co-worker needs help, a positive person is more likely to offer support. They will instruct as necessary, give an encouraging word and be ready to jump in as needed.
They motivate others
Positive people help to motivate others to succeed. Over time, being around a positive person can inspire others to view their job in a more satisfactory manner.
By placing positive individuals into key roles in an organization, the entire organization can be changed.
When people in authority have a positive outlook, those working under them are more likely to become positive, and have an increased satisfaction with their jobs. Using positive individuals as team leaders and project coordinators, the overall tone of the team can change dramatically for the good.
A positive person can achieve higher levels of success – both personally and professionally. Successful leaders recognize that by being positive, they draw others to seek out the best in every situation.
Organizations that encourage positive thinking can achieve higher levels of corporate success, productivity and customer satisfaction. Ready to improve the overall tone of your workplace? Spread positivity and see how far it can go.
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea™. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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