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How To Start to Increase Employee Loyalty in Your Company

It is not unusual in today’s workplace environment to have employees who change jobs every 2 – 4 years. This can be disheartening for human resource directors, managers and corporate leaders who invest time and money into on-boarding and training employees only to have them leave just as they get settled.

For the long-term success of a company, it is imperative to foster employee loyalty. Without ‘demanding’ company loyalty in an authoritarian approach, how can you increase employee loyalty? Is it possible?
Build Confidence in Leadership
A survey of employees revealed that one of the most important components in employee loyalty is confidence in the company’s leadership. Employees want to know that their leaders and managers are trying to be the best they can be and are doing the best for the company.
Offer Competitive Compensation
Pay is not the most important aspect of employment, but it is essential. Offering fair compensation to employees can help to eliminate them seeking more money elsewhere. Do you routinely reward employees for excellent work? Have you evaluated your compensation packet to ensure that you are in line with local and/or national norms? Are there incentives and perks that encourage employees to work hard for your company and still have enough energy and time left for their lives outside of work?
Be Fanatical about Company Culture
Want to ensure that your employees are loyal to your company? Make sure your organization is a place people want to work. The personalities, attitudes and interpersonal relationships that occur in the office can be a key part of employee loyalty. Model positive culture behaviour by showing a positive attitude. Address situations immediately that may negatively impact the culture of the office.
Provide Tools and Technology
Employee frustration is detrimental to loyalty. A common frustration for employees is not having the right tools to do their job or having outdated technology that hinders their job performance. Employees who are asked to meet their goals with equipment that doesn’t work, is outdated or unwieldly is a recipe for disaster. Make sure that youprovide your teams with the tools they need to do the jobs they’re assigned. Offer training to ensure they know how to perform the necessary tasks. Routinely ask if employees feel they have everything they need to be successful.
Establish Mutual Respect
It has been said that to get respect, you have to give respect. This is particularly true for employees. If you want their respect as a leader, and ultimately their loyalty, you must show them respect. It is as simple as using common courtesy and treating them as a valued part of the reason the company will reach its goals. Value their opinions and feelings and be genuine. Employees want to know they are at a place where they are valued. Showing them the respect they deserve is the right way to start.
Want to improve employee loyalty? Loyalty starts at the top and filters down to the employees. Show your employees that you’re loyal to the company, and to their growth and development and they’ll return that loyalty. What is one action step you can take to increase employee loyalty in your organization?
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea™. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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