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Where to Find Your Next Leaders in Your Company

You know that some of the best leaders come from within an organization. They are already in tune with the organization’s culture and understand the company’s vision.
One of the most effective methods of cultivating leaders is to establish an internal ‘talent pool’. By identifying emerging leaders at every level of an organization, you can provide coaching and training. This will ensure you always have a pool of leadership to draw upon as needed. But where do you find emerging leaders?
Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify individuals who would be an effective leader. While every person is an individual, most leaders exhibit some of the same qualities. This can make it easier to help you seek out potential leadership candidates. Wondering how to spot these hidden leaders? Here’s who to look for.
Team Players
Leaders (whether they realize that’s what they are or not) understand the value of working with a team. They get along with others and are respected by their coworkers. They are strong collaborators and seek feedback from others within their group. Look for the person who is always at the center of a group and who the other group members turn to for advice.
Business Thinkers
Some good leaders are strategic thinkers. They have a business mindset that allows them to see potential problems and solutions. In addition, they have a strong understanding of the industry to which your business belongs. Look for the employee who has well thought out solutions to strategic problems.
Agents of Change
If you have an employee who regularly suggests alternative ways of doing things (and those ways are an improvement over the current system), they may be an emerging leader. They’re the first to volunteer for a new project, love to take on a challenge and aren’t afraid to take risks. Look for the person who lives by the motto, “Let’s DO this!”
Leaders know the value in helping others learn. They aren’t afraid to share their knowledge and can explain concepts and procedures in a way that others can understand. They offer to train new employees and are a great resource for people who need a refresher on how to do things. Look for the person everyone goes to for help.
In most cases, emerging leaders are driven to succeed. They are at the top of the producer’s list and consistently deliver results. They outperform their peers and encourage others to work hard. Look for the top performers in every department.
Emerging leaders can be hiding in plain sight at every level in your organization. By identifying these individuals, you can begin to offer coaching and opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.
Offer them opportunities to lead others and include them in the management of key initiatives. Establish a leadership development plan that will strategically move them into a more prominent role as their skills improve. Emerging leaders are an asset to your organization.
By building your leadership team from within, you create a culture of growth that will permeate every aspect of your organization. Who will you discover today?
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea™. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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