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Does Your Company Attract Leaders?

To propel your company to success, you need to attract and retain top talent individuals. To take that a step further, you need to ensure that your company has leaders who can help guide employees through the challenges every business will face.
Finding the right leaders is difficult, everyone says. Do you recruit leaders from outside your organization? Promote from within your existing employees? Before you try to find leaders, however, you need to ensure that you create an environment that leaders can’t wait to join.
Wonder if your company is attractive to potential leaders? Ask yourself a few key questions.
Have We Defined What Leadership Looks Like?
Often, business leaders confuse “leadership” with “management”. A management level employee may be a leader, but not necessarily. Likewise, someone in a lower level position may be a leader, even if they have no positional authority.
Before you hire a leader, make sure you know what leadership skills you need. Do you need someone who can institute change quickly? Does your workplace need decisive decision making? Determine your leadership needs to ensure you are bringing in the right people. Look around your company with new eyes and recognize that leaders can be present in every area of your organization.
Are We Cultivating Leadership Roles?
Does your company cultivate and value leaders in all levels? This is fundamental for establishing a pipeline of leadership and for supporting existing leaders.
Leaders can be cultivated by targeting key leadership skills such as supervision and management strategies. Offer opportunities to practice these skills and then provide coaching follow up. This creates a culture of leadership development that is attractive to other leaders.
People are looking for organizations that are growing and establishing a leadership pipeline is a sign that your company is moving forward.
Do We Provide the Tools Leaders Need?
To be effective, leaders need the right tools. While each company has unique needs, there are some basics that all leaders need.
Resources, such as time and money, for development and training are imperative. Have you set aside funds in the budget? Do you have a training budget (and do your leaders know what it is?) to bring in workshops, send employees to conferences or purchase virtual courses with?
Leadership requires strategic communication. Does your company have effective communication tools for your teams to use? Do you need to invest in an upgrade of technology or training?
Do We Offer Competitive Compensation Packages?
While money is not the main focus of employment, it is an essential element in attracting and retaining employees. Is your compensation package competitive to other companies in your area? Review your benefits package and look for ways to enhance it. Do you offer flexible scheduling? Work from home options? Do you reward employees for going above and beyond their job descriptions?
Do We Offer Advancement Opportunities?
Leaders are looking for areas where they can continue to grow and advance. Establishing a pipeline of leadership candidates can ensure that you have a steady stream of individuals available to meet the needs of your company.
Leaders attract other leaders. By creating a culture that promotes leadership, it will become attractive to others who have leadership skills.
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing Agency and My Big Idea™. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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