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Disrupt Your Corporate Training – Hire an Outsider!

Canadian businesses are spending more on corporate training programs than ever before. With an average of $700 per employee for training, more than 60% of Canadian organizations consider employee development programs an essential strategic priority.
In-House Corporate Training
Corporate leaders are more aware than ever of the necessity of providing professional training for their staff. In recent years, many companies have even gone as far as hiring an in-house trainer to handle the recurrent needs of staff development.
While it can be convenient with a full-time staff trainer available to prioritize the specific training needs of the company, there are distinct advantages to bringing in a third party to lead specific and specialized workshops.
What Makes an Outsider So Effective?
The in-house trainer must be an expert in the subject matter being taught, as well as an expert in training methodologies. For most companies, their in-house trainer is tasked with other responsibilities while they are not actively training. Further, this person or this in-house team can’t help but be influenced by the political landscape of your company which may lead to a biased training session.
A specialized training program has no such constraints. The trainers are experts in the specialized program they are hired to deliver. They will deliver the material in an engaging, effective manner and have a follow-up program in place to ensure the attendees are able to take what they’ve learned back to their jobs and put it into practice the next day, week, quarter.
The Benefit of Corporate Training Disruption
Training programs can, and should, disrupt the regular flow of business. When you use an in-house trainer, familiarity can overshadow the process. Trainings that are conducted by a staff member, in an environment that is known, can be easily dismissed as just another meeting to endure.
Bringing in an outside company focused on a specialized area can be more effective simply due to the novelty of who is presenting the material. An outside trainer offers a new voice, a fresh perspective and an opportunity to reach your team with a different style of teaching.
For most companies, training is a necessity. Developing, managing, and delivering that training, however, is a distraction from the focus of the company.
Companies that specialize in delivering specific training programs have thousands of hours invested in becoming experts at their topic. By trusting your corporate training to the outside experts, your business can focus on what you do best: grow, succeed and profit.
Michele Bailey is president and CEO of Blazing THE Agency and My Big Idea™. These two lines of business work congruently to support her clients’ success.

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