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What to do When Your Employees Just Aren't That into You

You think of yourself as a reasonable boss.

You pay an honest wage, treat your employees fairly and make sure to recognize everyone’s birthdays. Why don’t your employees seem to appreciate what you’re trying to do as a corporation? The answer may be more complex than you realize.

Lack of Vision
A study on employee attitudes revealed a shocking fact: only 23% of employees feel as though they know their leader’s vision for the company. Despite the printed mission statement you may have framed in your office lobby, most employees have no idea what your company is trying to do.

How can you engage your employees with the vision you have?

Ask questions. Survey your employees about your vision. Find out some of the basics such as:
What do you think is the purpose of our organization?
Who are our target customers?
Evaluate the results and analyze them for a clear picture of what is known, and what you need to further explain.

Lack of Understanding
In addition to not knowing the corporate vision, only 20% of employees see the relationship between their job and how it relates to the company’s goals.

One analogy equates this to only 2 players on a soccer team knowing what position to play and how to play it!

Spend time detailing for employees the importance of their job and how it affects the success of the company. When they understand how their work makes a difference, they are more apt to buy into the corporate vision.

Lack of Inspiration
Employees not only want to understand the HOW and WHAT of their job, they want to know why their job matters.

A lack of inspiration can cause a lack of interest in their job, and a lack of caring about what the leadership of the organization want. This can affect the way they relate to their coworkers, management, and customers.

Find ways to inspire employees by showing the larger picture for the corporation. How did the company start? What positive ways does the organization relate to the surrounding community? Showcase positive benefits of working for the company that would not be found elsewhere.

Lack of Equipment
Equipment, in this sense, means more than the literal tools required to do a job: computer, supplies or other job related tools. A lack of equipment can include poor training, inadequate time to perform job related tasks and an unsatisfactory work environment.

Offering professional development through leadership training, goal setting programs and other job related trainings can be one of the most important aspects of employee relations.

Not only does it improve employee satisfaction, it helps to improve corporate culture, reduce staff turnover and increase staff engagement.

It may be disheartening to realize that employees are not as committed to their jobs as you are.
Fortunately, it is not expensive or difficult to make the necessary changes that can revolutionize your staff.

Learn to cultivate an environment where employees are passionate about your company, and their roles in making the organization succeed. Not only will you have a happier workplace, your revenues will improve and you’ll find that you are reaching goals faster than ever before.

Next Steps:
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