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Which Two Personal Development Goals Make the Most Difference?

Personal goal setting can be a powerful tool. For the high achiever, setting goals can be another means of marking accomplishments along the way to success. Understanding the importance of goals is essential, but can be paralyzing to one who is focused on being a success. With a list of possible goals to work on, which ones are the most important? Where should you start to make the most difference in your life?

With a history of high achieving, the pressure of getting things ‘right’ can be almost overwhelming. Finding the correct goal to work on may seem like an exercise in futility. According to most studies, however, there is no ‘right goal’ to start with. The decision of where to start in personal development is entirely up to the individual, but there are a few key areas that will provide maximum effectiveness and can help you find direction in your goal setting.

Begin with yourself

With a list of potential goals, it seems counterproductive to focus on yourself. However, a wise person realizes the value in taking care of yourself first before attempting to improve any other areas. Much like one is admonished to administer oxygen to oneself first in the event of an airline crash, before attempting to help any small children, the first step in personal development is to take care of the person.

Under the premise of taking care of yourself, goals can include a healthy lifestyle, such as losing weight, eating better, beginning an exercise program, or getting more sleep. Whatever aspect of personal care you chose to prioritize, set a personal goal that will enable you to monitor your progress.

Personal care has two distinct aspects: body care and energy. If you don’t have enough energy, you will be ill-equipped to take on additional projects and goals. Often, changing your lifestyle and habits can help to improve your energy levels, and allow you to shift your attention to other areas. An improvement in your health can also create an improvement in your attitude. Your health has a direct impact on your mental state, creating a cycle of positivity that can generate more success.

Look for a short-term goal

Particularly when the list of potential goals is long, setting long-term goals can be daunting. To generate momentum, set attainable short-term goals. Short term goals should be able to be completed within a year, and can include personal development aspects such as enrichment courses, travel and adventure, educational classes and more. Once you have completed one goal, set another that can be completed quickly and easily. You’ll find that success breeds more success, and the feelings of self-satisfaction will propel you to work towards other dreams.

When faced with the prospect of choosing personal goals, select ones that can position you for future success. Not only will it motivate you to continue working on your goals, it will help you stay motivated when things get difficult. Not sure where to start? Start with yourself – and the rest will follow.

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