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How Effective Leadership Motivates Your Employees

Money talks. Ask most business owners how they motivate their employees, and ‘money’ is almost always the answer. Ask most employees, however, what their primary motivation at work may be, and you’ll likely get a variety of answers. Money generally makes the list, but is further down than you may think. If money isn’t the motivator we may think it is, what is? How can an employer inspire their staff to move beyond mediocre?

It may surprise you to learn that one of the key factors that motivates an employee is the leadership style of their boss. Can your leadership style compel your staff to greatness? What are the secrets behind effective leadership that can take your staff from average to amazing? How does effective leadership motivate your staff?
Effective leaders
Effective leaders are real. Authenticity is powerful. People can spot a fake from miles away, and are hesitant to form anything more than a surface level relationship with such a person. An authentic leader, however, knows that there is value in being transparent with employees. Not only does it form genuine relationships with employees, it allows for growth through the sharing of trials and triumphs.
Effective leaders cultivate hope Employees who are afraid of their boss will generally not work to their full potential. While the ‘carrot or the stick’ method of motivation may work for the short term, those who employ the ‘carrot’ find that their employees are more satisfiedwith their jobs and are more positive about the future of the company. Effective leaders challenge their employees to grow and reach for bigger possibilities.
Effective leaders communicate vision
People want to be part of something larger than they are. Rather than patronizing employees, an effective leader communicates clearly the vision for the company and identifies everyone’s role. They paint the big picture for employees to see, and help others understand how they fit within the framework of the company. Employees can get behind a vision that they understand and to which they feel integral.
Effective leaders value people
An effective leader understands that without committed employees, the company vision falls flat. As a result, they place a high priority on the needs of their employees and are attentive for anything that may impact them – both professionally and personally.
Effective leaders act with integrity
In an era where the truth is subjective and news is fake, a leader who cultivates an environment filled with integrity can be refreshing and motivating. An employer who is known for doing the right thing inspires others to work hard as well.
Effective leaders lead by example
Demanding a certain set of behaviours and doling out punishments for those who fail to comply doesn’t work for long. When a leader demonstrates through their actions what they expect, however, people respond. Leading by example is one of the most effective methods of motivating employees.
Still not convinced leadership style has that big of an effect? Think about the last few bosses you’ve had. Chances are, you can name both a great one, and an awful one. Which one inspired you to do more? An effective leader who can bring about change is one of a company’s most valuable resources. Want to motivate your team? Evaluate your leadership style.
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