MY BIG IDEA programs have been developed to ensure participants remain engaged and motivated throughout the process. Each program contains tools and resources designed to be used over the course of a year with accountability tools that allow participants to set up an action plan that tracks progress and measures their results to ensure their success and achieve personal and professional fulfillment that, in turn, makes them focused and productive employees.

Each program begins with an onboarding session with a MY BIG IDEA expert facilitator to determine an organization’s objectives and set KPIs. Next, our program kick-starts with an interactive in-person or virtual workshop in which participants are guided through a process of self reflection to identify their strengths and personal and professional goals. After the workshop, participants utilize year-long goal setting and accountability tools including the MY BIG IDEA Planner and MY BIG IDEA App.


Participants of the MY BIG IDEA program are guided through a process that allows for the development of their own true vision of success by understanding work-life blend. Expert facilitation ensures a safe environment that supports reflection and introspection through which participants can start the process of identifying and aligning professional and personal goals.

With guided questions that prompt personal reflection, participants begin to define the leader they want through increased clarity and focus around their own personal motivations and drivers. The MY BIG IDEA planner is the ultimate goal tracker with monthly, quarterly and year-end accountability check-ins. During each interactive session, participants will select a Goal Partner to keep them accountable and on track

Before each workshop, we schedule a pre-engagement interview with key stakeholders to determine the organizations’ goals and desired outcomes. Our program can be adapted to your work schedule with different options offered in-person or online.


Our interactive workshops are transformational experiences that encourage individuals to set goals and measure results in order to achieve personal and professional fulfillment and clarity while creating a year-long accountability plan to achieve success.

Each session is a highly interactive experience that helps individuals set goals and measure results to achieve personal and professional fulfillment and clarity. Our program tools include a Workbook, Planner and APP that together create an integrated system of accountability that supports success.

MY BIG IDEA program is built on three distinct pillars: Reflect, Refuel and Results. These pillars guide each section of our workshops, providing structure and organization that allows participants to have a fulsome and impactful experience.


Our half-day program workshop is a powerful and focused interactive session, easily adapted to accommodate most work-day schedules. Every session is designed to create a safe environment for reflection and introspection for participants to better identify their strengths and identify goals in six main areas of their life.

Lead by an experienced facilitator, participants are expertly guided through the MY BIG IDEA program as they identify their personal motivators while setting-up a yearlong action plan of achievement using the MY BIG IDEA Planner and/or App as an essential accountability tool. Using the MY BIG IDEA workbook, Planner and App, participants leave with a greater sense of clarity and focus and a tactical action plan tied to accountability tools to keep them on track and focused throughout the year.

In-person Half Day workshops are generally four hours in length while virtual workshops are 2.5 hours in duration.


The full day MY BIG IDEA session is a deeper dive into the MY BIG IDEA program. With more time for personal reflection, our full day session, offered in-person, allows participants ample time to fully reflect on each of the six goal setting sections. The full day program has been developed to include breakout rooms and expanded activities to creatively explore interconnected ideas.

Using the full suite of our toolkit, participants set up a complete year-long action plan with accountability tools attached to milestones and objective to ensure participants stay on track. Participants of our full day program leave with a complete plan and greater clarity and focus.

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Workshop Materials

MY BIG IDEA provides interactive tools that match the personal preference and learning styles of the individual. Our program ensures that employees remain focused and clear in their direction throughout the year.

These interactive tools create a system of accountability that support employee success. Each tool is uniquely designed to help identify goals and create an action plan and system of accountability that ensures success.

My Big Idea Workbook:

The MY BIG IDEA Workbook is beautifully designed with a hardcover and interactive inserts. Each workbook includes six goal setting sections along with gratitude cards and accountability tracking. Each workbook follows the MY BIG IDEA holistic approach to goal setting that promotes success while creating work-life blend.

  • Year End Goal

  • Reflection

  • Relationships, Refueling

  • Results

  • Gratitude

  • Goal Setting Sections:
    Personal, Professional, Health & Wellness, Finance & Wealth

My Big Idea APP:

Developed currently for IOS systems, the MY BIG IDEA App is a digital tool that connects to our online calendars to keep you on track in real time. Schedule reminders to help you stay accountable and focused on a daily basis, store pictures of your mind maps and goal progress as a visual reminder of your end goals and more.

My Big Idea Planner:

The MY BIG IDEA Planner is a sleekly designed accountability tool with monthly and weekly calendars to track your daily success as you work towards your goals. Each month starts with an action plan and objectives that build towards achieving main goals. With questions to prompt reflection, each planner includes monthly, quarterly and year end check-ins to track your progress.


“It was an excellent opportunity to connect back with myself.”

“Please know you are making a difference and the work you do is priceless!

“An eye opener experience that allows you to clearly start building a road map to achieve personal and professional goals. ”

“Excellent facilitators!”


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