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Can Goal Setting Work in a Diverse Workplace?


One of the important matters facing businesses today is diversity. A diverse workplace is better equipped to deal with the complexity of a diverse world. Individuals of all genders, races, ages and backgrounds working together within an organization bring strength to the organization and promote unity within the company. Diversity is more than culture, race, and gender. It also includes elements such as socio-economic background, education level, geographic location, sexual orientation, thought and many others. A workplace that promotes inclusiveness recognizes the strengths that individuals can bring to the organization and celebrates the unique ways they contribute to the culture and [...]

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Evaluating Your Corporate Wellness Program


When asked about employee wellness programs, and most business leaders instantly envision weight-loss contests, smoking cessation programs and healthcare meetings. While it is true that each of these elements are components of a wellness program, an effective plan goes beyond physical health. While most individuals acknowledge that a person’s health is dependent on a multitude of factors, wellness plans often overlook facets other than physical health. Are you ready to recharge your company’s wellness program? Define your purpose Wellness programs are often part of employee benefit packages, and are sometimes considered a ‘perk’ of employment. In today’s competitive work environment, employees [...]

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Henry Ford’s $5 a Day Wage: How Your Company May Benefit From His Work


Employee engagement is a relatively new term. Coined in 1990 by William Kahn in a paper titled, “Psychological Conditions of Personal Engagement and Disengagement at Work”, he used the phrase to describe the attitudes of employees towards their work. Noticing a lack of motivation among workers, Kahn developed the term to depict the idea of employees who are actively involved at work. How did the employers of the past handle employee engagement? We took a look at a very famous company with a very famous leader, the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford to find out what that company did.. Ford [...]

Henry Ford’s $5 a Day Wage: How Your Company May Benefit From His Work2020-05-26T20:22:12+00:00

How Gen Xers, Boomers and Millennials Can Work Together


Today’s workforce is facing an unprecedented challenge. For the first time in history, employees span five different age groups, creating a climate where fresh-faced college grads are teamed with seasoned individuals old enough to be their grandparents. How can you effectively engage employees when they are so vastly different? As employers focus on cultivating diversity in the workplace, age diversity is often overlooked. The fact is, employees are living and working longer. Employers with a cross-generational workforce may wonder how to deal with such a vast variety of needs. It may require some outside the box thinking, but employee engagement is [...]

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What Culture Clues to Look for in Your Workplace.


One of the primary indicators of success within your workplace is the culture. It can affect your employee engagement, productivity, profit levels, and more. How can you be sure that your culture is positive? What happens when the leaders at the top become disillusioned about the workplace environment and think it is better than it actually is? What is a healthy work culture? Work culture is the attitudes, expectations, beliefs, and priorities that permeate through everything the company does. There is evidence in the type of people who are hired, the standards of behavior within the office, the way employees interact [...]

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Gratitude Works in Mysterious Ways


Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked self-improvement methods available. People who deal with depression, health problems and conflict can find relief through the simple act of adding gratitude to their day. How can gratitude help you? Gratitude improves your physical health. According to a study done in 2012, people who exhibit gratitude report fewer pains and feel healthier than those who don’t. As a result, they take better care of their health by exercising more often and getting regular check-ups. It’s a positive cycle that contributes to better well-being. The more grateful you are, the better you feel. The [...]

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Do You Need a Celebrity Training Program for Employee Training to be Effective?


Considering investing in a training program? The possibilities are endless. Do you select the version with training books and instructional videos? Use the one with the international celebrity? Pull out all the stops and select the one with a famous speaker? One of the most important facets that employees look for in a training program is the ability for it to really matter to them. It is what cultivates the desire to listen and motivates employees to act on what they’ve learned. According to Simon Sinek, individuals don’t follow a leader because of the leader. They follow the leader because they [...]

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What’s In It for Me? A Look at How Employee Training Benefits the Company.


Corporate training is big business. By some estimates, employers spent approximately $1,200 annually per employee on direct learning, and this amount is expected to climb. Why do organizations continue to spend money on employee training? What benefit is there to the company? Operational Improvements One of the benefits to organizational training is an improvement in processes. Employees who are fully trained on company processes and save the company time and money. Training reduces waste and expenditures and can prevent damage to equipment, machinery and prevent delays in how work gets completed. Improved Productivity Training processes improve employee productivity. When employees have [...]

What’s In It for Me? A Look at How Employee Training Benefits the Company.2020-05-26T20:22:12+00:00

Are Women Better Goal Setters Than Men? Or Vice Versa?


Lose weight. Make more money. Get promoted. Read more. Spend more time with family. It turns out, nearly everyone has a goal or two that they’re working towards. While many people use the start of a new year as the impetus for setting goals, it isn’t uncommon for people to start both personal and professional goals throughout the year. The statistics surrounding the success (and failure) of new year resolutions are staggering. According to one study, nearly 80% of all new year resolutions are abandoned by February. What about the rest of the year? Do individuals who set goals throughout the [...]

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Don’t Let Change Derail Your Organization – Embrace it!


Organizational restructuring, economic cycles, competition, new technologies and communication struggles are a few of the ways in which organizations can find themselves facing uncertainty. Change is inevitable, but when a company experiences dramatic changes in a short amount of time, people start to get nervous. Regardless of the reason for the change, even if it’s positive, employees start to wonder what effect the change will have on the company, and ultimately on their role within the organization. How can corporate leadership help employees navigate change? Communicate the Change Without clear understanding of what the change may be, employees often fear the [...]

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